Myself born in the month of February, 1926 in the District of Noakhali of the province of Bengal in India when India including Pakistan and Bangladesh i.e. United India under British Rule. After completion my schooling examination, which is Matriculation Examination under Calcutta University in the year 1942, I took admission in the Asanullah Engineering College in Dacca. Myself obtained diploma in Civil Engineering from Asanullah Engineering College in the year 1947. Indian declared Independence from British Rule after partition (Major part of the province of Bengal is named as East Pakistan and part of Punjab province, whole province Sindh and North West Frontier province named as West Pakistan). During that time district Noakhali was under East Pakistan. Accordingly we have migrated to Calcutta, West Bengal on 16th August, 1947 from Dacca for livelihood and still date struggling for existence and improvement of the family as a whole being a refugee from East Pakistan.

In the year 1948, myself took service under Public Work Department, Govt. of West Bengal. Myself got married on 15th August of 1952, we have two sons and two daughters of whom sons are seniors and daughters are juniors. My eldest son Dr. Anup Kumar Saha is a Professor in Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in National Institute of Technology, Durgapur, West Bengal. My younger son Arup Kumar Saha is doing small scale business in Kolkata. My eldest daughter Dr. Nabanita Saha is Associate Professor/Researcher, faculty of Technology, Tomas Bata University in Zlin, Czech Republic, Europe. Youngest daughter Dr. Nibedita Saha, Lecturer/Project manager at University Institute, Tomas Bata University in Zlin, Czech Republic, Europe.

In 2011 when we lost our beloved only grandson Kanishka, and our whole family was fully emerged in sorrow and grief, at that critical and sadden period, Julie ‘B’ Olson of Mayo Clinic, Primary Hyperoxaluria center wrote a very soothing and warming letter to me and my wife Nistarini Saha dt. 21st July, 2011. Her letter gave us consolations at that sadden period. Thus I got the inspiration to form a Foundation to commemorate the memory of the great child Kanishka Binayak Saha and also cherished the wish and object of the great boy to save and protect the future generation of both sides of the globe from dreadful disease Hyperoxaluria. Accordingly I have formed a registered Trust on 10th December, 2011. It is a charitable Trust and is named “Kanishka Binayak Memorial Foundation”. Myself also promised to donate almost of all saving of my life for such noble cause. But, it is also a fact that this is not enough for such noble cause and for which I am earnestly soliciting the help, support (Technical, medical and financial) from all judicious, sympathetic and conscious minded people of the globe to make the foundation successful and fruitful and thus we all will be able to save and protect the future generation from the attack of such dreadful disease – Hyperoxaluria. I hope that I have been able to hammer your wisdom for such noble cause.