Primary objective

  • Organize interactive workshop and awareness camp for patients with Kidney related disease in order to provide the symptoms of Primary Hyperoxaluria (PH) as a preventive measure.
  • Public awareness about the disease is adequate.
  • Provide general information about PH.
  • Support the patients and family affected with this deadly disease(PH).
  • Nutritional management including the life style modification.

Secondary objective

To initiate the project in order to detect the rare Primary Hyperoxaluria metabolic disorder in collaboration with local Physicians namely Dr. B.B.Saha MRCP (Lond & Edin), a Trustee. Dr. Saha runs a well-equipped diabetic clinic in Midnapore town, free of cost, will help us in the early period to facilitate their detection, counselling and management of the disease and its complications.

Mainly, study and diagnosis of metabolic disorder rare problems with reference to particularly enzyme linked deficiency or disorder specially PH in children. On the other hand, the disorders are not only observed in children but it may remain in adolescent and adult and linger undiagnosed for years.

This Foundation could appoint a Medical Officer under the supervision of Dr. Saha who will offer systematic investigation as per the guidelines of Mayo Clinic and Dr. K.S. Nayak, Chief Nephrologist, Deccan Hospital, Hyderabad, Dr. N. Pamidi, consultant Nephrologist Mediciti Hospital, Hyderabad for the suspected cases.